The Blurb Road Show: Our Global Event Spectacular

This fall, Blurb is hitching up the virtual trailer, filling it full of real books, and hitting the road for some fantastic events and workshops. That’s right, we’re bringing Blurb to you—and letting ourselves out of the office. We want to meet you, show you what we’re about, and learn what you have going on—to say “hello” to new friends, and say “thank you” to those who’ve been with us a while.

We’ll have more detailed posts up—and you can always check out our events page for complete details—but here’s a rundown:

We kick off the PCNW-leg of our Road Show in Portland for the XOXO Festival. We’re working on a fantastic mural project. This festival has already sold out, but we’ll bring you updates from the road.

Next it’s up to Seattle, Washington, for a week of learning and exploration. We’re sponsoring a letterpress printing class with Constellation & Co, doing an underground photo walk, drinking and learning with the bartenders at Pennyroyal, and hosting a happy hour at the Bookstore Bar and Café.

Some events are open to the public, and a few have sold out already, so check the events page for details.

And then, we’ll cool our heels for a moment before hitting the East Coast and then off to Paris. More details to come.

We’ll see you on the road!


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