Bookmaking Tips & Ideas for Personal Projects

Some people know you as a DIY gifting guru, because you love creating personal photo books to share with friends and family. For you, making books is about celebrating moments, reminiscing, and passing on important stories. Holidays, vacations, weddings, birthdays, baby milestones. No matter the occasion, you’re the one snapping photos and the one who’ll turn those memories into keepsake books. Sound familiar? 

Every book project looks a little different. So we put together design tips, ideas, and inspiration you can use today. From story to design to printed page, Blurb can help you get there. 


You belong to a creative, generous, and inspiring community of Blurb bookmakers. Find out how your fellow authors put their ideas in print. 

Bryan Kitch, A Is for Anteater
Illustrated children’s book

Bridget Callahan, The Not-So-Italian Italian Cookbook 

Dan Rubin, Sri Lanka
Travel photography

Hannah and Josh Eloge
Adoption profile book

Debra Pexa, Around the Table: A Family Love Story


Your ideal book project is easy, personalized, and polished. Naturally, you love a good step-by-step tutorial. Quick BookWright templates? Absolutely. Using auto flow to fill your photo layouts? Bring it on. Keep up the great bookmaking with a few extra pointers. 

Which Design Tool Is Right for You?

BookWright: Quick Design Feature + 10 Photo Book Templates 

5 Tips for a Standout Book Cover 

10 Tips for Making a Custom Cookbook


A sneak peek at your camera roll most likely reveals your family, friends, pets, travel pics, and favorite recipes. Learn how to make the most out of the photos you love. 

10 Tips for Taking Better Photos 

How to Organize Your Photos

How to Curate Your Family Holiday Photos 


Everybody needs a little creative pick-me-up now and then. Check out these great book ideas to help spark your next personal project. 

19 Photo Book Gift Ideas 

How to Make a Family Tree Book

How to Make a Grandparent Memory Book

Have an idea for your next book? Choose a format and get started today. 


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