Bookmaking Tips & Ideas for Professional Projects

If your Blurb to-do list includes book projects for clients, customers, fans, and yourself, you’ve come to the right place. You’re an artist, author, entrepreneur, innovator, thinker, maker, and doer. We know that you bring professional skills and a creative eye to everything you print–whether it’s a design portfolio, a photo book, an art catalog, a poetry collection, a magazine, a graphic novel, or an experimental book (just for you). 

We admire your talent and creativity, and we can’t wait to see what you create next. Check out these professional tips, ideas, and inspiration to fuel your future projects. 


You belong to a powerful, inspiring, adventurous creative community of Blurb bookmakers. Find out how fellow artists, photographers, and designers brought their unique visions to life. 

J LeShaé – Zine Artist & Activist 

Chloe Ferres – Book Designer & Photographer 

Elliot Ross – Documentary Photographer 

Kristal Bean – Portrait Photographer 

Allyn Howard – Artist, Illustrator, Designer


In the world of book design, you prefer seamless integration with pro tools. The more creative control, the better. A professional showcase calls for high quality materials and technical production. Hi-res photos or bust. We totally get it.  

How to Make a Great Page Layout 

12 Landscape Photography Tips 

How to Photograph Fog, Food, the Moon, Artwork & More


Some days bookmaking is all about having a creative outlet to explore new ideas and try different techniques. Give yourself time to wander, experiment, doodle, tinker, and enjoy the process–wherever it may lead. 

50 Ideas for Writing a Book

How to Make a Test Book (and Why You Should)

Setting Creative Limits: Make an 8×10 Trade Book


Some days the goal is sharing your work as a creative professional and selling books. Chances are, you rarely leave home without a copy of your latest creation. Look book or leave-behind, anyone? #SideHustle #FreelanceLife #DreamGig 

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Author Website 

How to Sell Your Book on Ingram (and Why You Should) 

How Do I Get Recognized? 

Have plan for your next book? Choose a format and get started today. 


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