Quiz: Which Design Tool Are You?

You’ve gathered all the essential photos, stories, and illustrations to create your next book. Now comes a crucial and exciting decision for every book-maker: Which book-making tool is right for you?

Whether you’re brand new to book-making, an endless innovator, or the quickest thinker/maker/doer on the block—we’ve got a design tool that fits your project, timeline, skill set, and personality. Take our tool quiz to find your perfect match!

1. When I start a new project, I like to:

A) Start from scratch and discover along the way
B) Build on one idea and follow a basic outline
C) Jump straight in and keep it simple

2. Everyone knows what to expect when I tell a story:

A) Pull up a chair, it’s going to be a while
B) Stick to the plot and finish strong
C) Pics or it didn’t happen

3. When it comes to new technology, I am:

A) An early adopter with a knack for technical details
B) A patient practitioner ready to learn new skills
C) Comfortable thinking on my feet, learning on the go

4. One thing I tend to do at restaurants is:

A) Order something that’s not on the menu (I probably know the chef)
B) Look at the menu, but I already know what I want
C) Take the daily special to go

5. Out on the road, my travel motto is:

A) The journey is the destination . . . Take the scenic route!
B) Show me a list of hot spots! I appreciate a head start.
C) Go with the fastest route. My itinerary is full!

6. My ideal book has:

A) Carefully edited photos with captions, essays, maybe even an index
B) Straightforward layouts with simple headers and captions
C) Mostly images

7. My design philosophy is:

A) Think outside the box (rules are meant to be broken!)
B) Lead by example and use proven strategies
C) Follow the leader and go with the flow

8. When I get flat-pack furniture, my approach is always the same:

A) Read the instructions before starting
B) Watch a how-to video first
C) Have it delivered pre-assembled

9. To complete my book project start to finish, I plan to spend:

A) 1 month or more (as long as it takes)
B) 2 days to 2 weeks
C) Less than 1 hour

10. The pair of words that best describes my creative process:

A) Innovative and experimental
B) Idealistic and organized
C) Energetic and goal-oriented

11) If I’m shopping for a friend or family member, the gift I choose is probably:

A) Unique, elaborate, and personalized
B) Based on research using “top 10 gifts” lists
C) Whatever is in the window (hello, last-minute shopper!)

Congratulations, you breezed through the questionnaire!

Now, simply add up how many A, B, and C answers you selected to discover your tool persona.

Mostly A’s: InDesign Innovator

As an Adobe InDesign Innovator, you are agile and imaginative with a keen editorial eye. So it’s no surprise you matched with the book design tool that creative pros love. Every page is a blank canvas where you can experiment with modern compositions and perfect pops of color. Our Adobe InDesign Plug-In lets you create Blurb-ready templates and upload your project without leaving your InDesign workflow. You can take your time creating custom templates and layouts for every inch of your book, before revealing those gorgeous pages to the world.

Feeling inspired to start something new? Download the Plug-in today.

Mostly B’s: BookWright Visionary

As a BookWright Visionary, you like to dream big as long as you have a clear plan to meet your goals. Starting new projects is exciting and rewarding because you believe in your ideas and know where to look for answers. Enter: BookWright! Our free book design software gives you complete creative control, plus tips and video tutorials when you want a helping hand. Try our customizable templates to get a head start on your book design, or start fresh with your own layouts. For a savvy, organized maker like you, it’s all about balance.

Time to make the magic happen! Download BookWright now.

Mostly C’s: Mobile Marvel

As a Mobile Marvel, you are a spontaneous creator, always collecting new pics and inspiration to post on Instagram or Facebook. Once you decide on a new project, you take a no-fuss, no-frills approach: dream it, do it, done! Blurb’s mobile app is made for you because it’s the easiest way to create, print, and share a photo book in minutes. Just autoflow images right into your book, then choose from 3 great page layouts. Keep the creative process simple and streamlined, so you get the clean, bold lines and bright designs you love.

Ready to bring your beautiful book to life? Download the Mobile app!


If you want to keep exploring, check out all of Blurb’s book-making tools, including the PDF to Book Uploader and Adobe Lightroom Built-In Book Module.


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