Yearbook Ideas: Themes, Pages, Covers, and More

Since no school year is the same, no yearbook should be the same either! It can be tough to come up with a fresh and fun and creative yearbook theme that best represents the graduating class. But never fear—we’ve got you covered!

There are hundreds of yearbook theme options to choose from, ranging from nostalgic, to future-focused, to pop culture. Once you decide on a theme, use it to inspire your yearbook pages. Starting with the cover, try to incorporate your theme into all of your yearbook page spreads, including the table of contents, class photo pages, and social pages. You’ll use the same colors, graphics, and typefaces throughout the book to create a cohesive story from all your various sections about the year’s events.

Yearbook Theme Ideas

Whether you are designing a yearbook for elementary school, middle school, or high school, these ideas will help you create a masterpiece that students will treasure for many years to come.

Idea #1 Travel

So much happens over the course of a school year that it really is an adventure. Celebrate the journey that your students have gone on together with a travel-inspired yearbook. Include fun maps, images of far off places, and inspirational quotes that remind them of how far they have come and how far they will go.

Yearbook Idea #1: Travel

Idea #2 Quotes

This is one of the most popular yearbook themes. Collect quotes from the student body and teachers to use throughout your yearbook. You could ask them specific questions, such as what their favorite memory was from the year, or their funniest moment. Students will love having the chance to contribute a personal message to the yearbook!

Idea #3 Emojis

Your students will love a yearbook filled with customized emojis. Use them as captions for pictures, on the cover page, and around action shots. Let your imagination run wild and have some fun creating personalized emojis for your yearbook based on your school mascot.

Idea #4 Games

Create a yearbook dedicated to the games that your students love to play, whether it’s board games or video games. The cover could be a play on the board game Life or based on a Monopoly board. Or you could gamify the student body, turning them into video game characters and superheroes.

Make a school yearbook

Idea #5 Dr. Seuss

We all have a favorite Dr. Seuss book. Use his great wisdom to commemorate a special school year by filling a yearbook with colorful designs, inspirational quotes, and whimsical characters.

Side note: The art of Dr. Seuss is copyrighted, so it is illegal to use it without permission. Instead, why not have your students create art inspired by his books and use that in the yearbook as a replacement. This idea can work with any set of popular characters, from Disney to the Muppets. As long as you are using artwork created by your students.

Idea #6 Highlights

Poll the students for their favorite highlights from the school year and then create the yearbook theme around those memories. Perhaps it was the winning touchdown at the homecoming game, or the senior prank that left everyone laughing. Fill the pages with plenty of memories and include quotes from the student body.

Idea #7 Student Art

Show off the incredible talents of your student body in a yearbook filled with their art. For added fun, have a contest among your students to design the cover art of the yearbook. The other submissions can then be used throughout the inside pages. It’s a creative way to get everyone involved.

Yearbook Idea #7: Student Art

Idea #8 A Year in Reverse

Start from the end and move back in time, capturing every memorable moment from the school year. Include dances, sports events, science fairs, etc. You could also incorporate elements of pop culture from the year, such as popular songs, movies, and books. The last page of the book can be filled with pictures from the very first day of the school year.

Idea #9 Sports

Most yearbooks include a section dedicated to the school’s sports teams. Take it one step further by making athletics the overall theme of your yearbook. Have fun weaving team colors, actions shots, and game-side chants into your yearbook’s design.

So there you have it. Nine creative yearbook ideas to inspire your own tribute to a year of school life. Get started on your yearbook today!

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