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For help promoting and selling your book, Blurb recommends the publishing professionals at Reedsy.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Boost your sales with specialized support that helps you build, manage, and grow your reader mailing list.
  • Press Coverage

    Press Coverage

    From online newspapers to radio, television, and niche magazines, leverage Reedsy’s expert PR connections and experience so your book gets the coverage it deserves.
  • Blog Tour

    Blog Tour

    Promote your book around the world without ever leaving your desk. Hire a Reedsy publicist to schedule a virtual tour of interviews, live Q&As, and book reviews with blogs relevant to your genre.
Free Courses Free Courses

Free Courses

Reedsy Learning supports your self-publishing project with short, free publishing courses delivered right to your inbox. Check out Blurb's course on how to successfully self-publish a photography book.