Heather Sherman

Boulder, Colorado

Art is my Thrill and my Mediums are Many! I'm a Colorado near-native, transplanted age 4 to the toes of the 14k-ft. Mt Evans. Our wilderness has influenced my art throughout Life. I have thrilled to many mediums- the knotworks you see here, paint, graphics, photography, illustration, kids, and gardening, more. In 2008, I discovered the Artistry of CAKE. My first cakes were for my kids, of course, pegacorns, penguins and basketballs. It amazed me how Cake so sweetly combines Art of the Eyes with Art of the Nose and Tongue, multiplying all in a symbiotic, sweet, vastly memorable experience. I was hooked. I've made Cake Art for Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cirque du Soleil, more. I've been published in Cake Masters, GMA Yahoo,, earned a Pastry Arts Cert/Honors, won multiple awards, but still take time to do illustrate, photograph, draw and live! More fun/info at

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