Avard Woolaver

Nova Scotia, Canada

I do social landscape photography and am interested in New Topographics---the human altered landscape--recording how human behavior and activity has affected the world. I also look for whimsical scenes, and elements of surrealism found in everyday life. My work is firmly planted in the documentary tradition, getting photos through observation rather than through set-up and image manipulation.

In my younger days, I studied photography at TMU (formerly Ryerson) in Toronto and did freelance jobs, and street photography. My rural upbringing allowed me to see the city with fresh eyes.

Blurb books: "Toronto Flashback (1980-1986)," "No Money Down – Toronto (1980-1986)", "Toronto Days, "Toronto In Colour: the 1980s", and "Toronto Hi-Fi" which was released in December, 2021.Other Books: "Wish You Were Here" (2018), "Found Fields" (2023)

In March 2023, 700 of my photos (digital images) were added to the City of Toronto Archives.

Books by Avard Woolaver