Jason Dains

Burlington, Iowa

Jason Dains is a local Iowa artist, out of the Burlington area.
Typically Jason's work is in the style of surrealism, abstract or non-objective art. He has been known to do work in acrylic paint, color pencil, ink, oil pastel and marker. As well as, recent adventures with watercolor and watercolor pencil. Jason also likes to use a lot of texture and bright colors in his work. Many of his pieces also seem to have a lot of hidden messages, political humor and deep thought behind them.
Jason has said that he likes to pull his subject matter from all edges of the universe, from the deepest of the seas to outer space and beyond. Jason has also said he likes to pick subject matter that he finds to be stranger than fiction. Much of his recent work seems to have more of a realistic look to it, but with a science fiction feel.
His influences include, but are not limited to Derek Hess, Bob Ross, Salavdor Dali and Todd McFarlane. As well as, his late grandfather Robert Shaffer.

Books by Jason Dains