C. Daniels


I'm and artist and designer who loves colour, texture and detail be it old or new, natural or man made.

I'm currently living with a long term chronic illness so on the rare occasions I am able to travel (usually for friends weddings) I try to capture as much as possible through the lens of my camera so that I can relish the memories and be inspired by the area long after the trip is over. Being confined to bed a lot of the time makes me really appreciate the often unnoticed beauty of places.

I don't try to take perfect photographs, only to capture the essence of a place at the time I visit. I want to reflect the weather, the mood, the pace and the age. If an imperfect image captures that better than one with perfect balance and focus, I'll opt for the imperfect. Imperfection is so often more honest and evocative.

Books by C. Daniels