Chad Ehlers


Chad Ehlers was born in California, lived seven years in Hawaii and over 25 in and out
of Sweden during which he traveled the world extensively as a freelance photographer.
He has shared his travels both visually and orally as a motivational speaker in more than
100 high schools throughout Scandinavia. He has nine previous photography books to
his credit, thirty short television productions and numerous educational programs, all intended to share the natural and cultural landscapes exposed to him during 35 years of road running. His images have been published in major magazines worldwide and now a few of these images are being woven into personal photo essays. Books previously published on-line include "A Bicycle Journey Across the USA", "A Bug and a Nikon on the West Coast" and "Expressions of the Shore."
This latest book depicts in words and photographs the thrills and scenic vistas awaiting anyone who runs the Colorado River, "Through the Grand Canyon"

Books by Chad Ehlers