Cheryl Hall

West Virginia

I love to research information on family history and put together books. All my books are titled "Journey Into the Past"
I have made four of my family books and together with my friend Anne made another.
~Keaton with surnames...Vest, Farley, Houchins, Thompson, Ellison, Cochran, Hobbs, Mann, Ballard, ect
~Payne with Muncy, Breeding, Stacy, Cornett, Barnes, Reece, Lester, Wallace, Hackney, Davis, ect
~Hambrick and Hamrick with Hedrick, Faulkner, Larew, Broce, Helvey, Whitley, Porter, Dodd, Long, Jones, Price, Crigger, Owens, Lewis, ect
~Martin with Wilson, Smith, Scott, Hearn, White, Light, Iddings, Waggoner, Frith, Griffith, Hathaway, Rolfe, Richardson
~Bish with surnames: Mullins, Sadler, Hurt, Stone, Robertson, Richardson, Gustler, Johnston, Belcher, Allen, Young, Carr, Stevens, Odell, Stephens, Zirkle, Bailey, Williams, Phillips, Simpson, Price, Scheerer, Collins, Hensley, Bratton, Johns, Moore, Kersey, Goings, Jones and more.

Books by Cheryl Hall