House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

Gaithersburg, MD

In 2006, Sher Polvinale and her late husband, Joe, created a senior pet sanctuary in their home. Sanctuary residents are dogs and cats who had lost their families and homes through no fault of their own. Because of their advanced age and various medical conditions, they had little chance of being adopted.

Once a dog became a resident, it would have a loving home for life. Our Director Sher devotes herself full-time to caring for the pets and maintaining and improving the Sanctuary.

HWAH is a 501(c)(3) non profit and is supported by volunteers from Montgomery County and the surrounding Metro areas. Our volunteers walk, bathe, and care for the residents, as well as clean and maintain the house and two-acre property. As of 2018, 55 dedicated volunteers had joined the HWAH family.

Areas of Expertise

The Sanctuary’s Mission is to provide a “Helping Hand” for senior pets. For our residents, we are able to provide love, affection, and shelter. Many of these dogs receive medical care, such as diagnostic screenings, dental care, surgery, and medications, as needed.

For other senior dogs, we provide a “Helping Hand” by getting the word out about their special needs, and encourage others to give them a forever home through our House with a Heart “Sanctuary of Your Own” program.

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