JL Whitton Creative

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Coffs Harbour

I am an author, artist, hobby musician and business owner living on the east coast of Australia. I've always enjoyed creative pursuits and now I'm ecstatic to be able to do it as a career with my business J.L. Whitton Creative. My aim is to spread joy to people through the things I make. I recently published my first fiction book The Pendulum (2023) a thriller with elements of crime, political and legal intrigue. Continuum of the Anomaly is the first volume of poetry I have put together, I also used one of my artworks "Pillars of Zvezda" for the front cover. I wanted to capture our strange modern syndrome through poetic verse and peer behind the darker veils of our existence, the parts we often overlook.

Areas of Expertise

I've only recently started in business but I have experience with the publishing industry, writing a book, editing, proofreading, contract negotiation, organisation. I also have experience dealing with business operation such as accounting and bookeeping, negotiation, promotion, public speaking and performing, marketing and research. I also have areas of expertise in the art world such as painting and hanging techniques and preservation. I have been honing these skills for a number of years now

Books by JL Whitton Creative