Johny Foerster

Kona, HI

Moon advice to business people. To start with, in that sign that the new moon will occur, this is going to be the whole lunar month. If, by way of example, a new moon occurred in Taurus and Cancer, the month will be favorable for restaurants, home cuisine, gardening, and flower shops. The new moon in Taurus is favourable for fiscal troubles. Taurus is a sign of money.
In Pisces - all that's linked with privacy, motivation. Favorable for many institutions related to water. Probably, there'll be concerns of evasion of taxes. However, Pisces is a contentious symbol, along with ambiguities, fog, deception and illusions are not possible. Second, passing through the Zodiac sign, the Moon provides it its colour to everything that occurs. Based on this, it's likely to ascertain the days which are favorable for specific cases.