Maria T. Nagel

Vienna, Austria

Maria T. Nagel (pronounced NAHG - EL) is originally from Cameroon and lives with her family in Vienna, Austria. Maria T. Nagel is the daughter of the former UN Diplomat Joseph Hebga and the niece of the late African ethnologist, Author and priest Father Meinrad Pierre Hebga. Her life was changed forever when she became a Christian Believer in 2013. Since then her vibrant faith has shown up in everything she does. In 2015 she made Christian music DVDs in English & Tagalog which she distributed free of charge to children in Manila, Philippines. The same year, she made CDs with Gospel songs and Bible verses in Mandarin and gave them away for free in Shanghai, China. In 2016 Maria created with her husband: NIUVOX an innovative way for Arabic and Farsi speaking refugees to learn German. And now in 2019, Maria penned and illustrated her first children’s books. Maria’s books have been translated in over 15 languages.

Books by Maria T. Nagel