Marley Dalziel

Victoria Australia

Marley's website :
Instagram : @marleyart123

Marley is a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist and a loving mother of two teenagers. She has been working within Secondary Colleges for the past ten years. Marley has studied Adolescent Psychology, Psychotherapy, Buddhist Meditation and is a Reiki Master.

Marley loves working with teenagers and children. She has her own Counselling/Therapy Business for Women, teenagers and children.

She is also currently releasing two more books relating to childhood sadness and gender transition after discussions with students in these situations. One book is written by a year seven student that Marley has illustrated and published for her.

Marley believes In this hectic fast paced world of technology, it is time to re connect with our children and ourselves.

All of Marley's books are written from the heart.

"The cure for loneliness and depression is the Soul Connections in our lives. Its time to IGNITE your LIGHT." Marley

Books by Marley Dalziel