Rodolfo Barreto

Lisbon, Portugal

My name is Rodolfo Barreto.
I've been at the forefront of creative innovation since 1996, focusing on Concept, Creativity, and Technology. Originally from Brazil, I now call the vibrant city of Lisbon my home and source of inspiration.

As a photographer, I was one of the 27 Brazilians chosen to display our work at Mube, a prestigious museum in São Paulo. My work has been recognized with the 'Photo of the Day' award from FWAPhoto 9 times, and I contribute to Getty Images Latam.
My photos on Unsplash have attracted more than 8 million views worldwide.

As a writer, I've created stories like 'Saturnica,' 'Piece of You,' and 'One Last Flight,' which earned me the best screenplay award at an international festival in Ceará. My book, 'Traumas and Other Things That Do Not Go Out in the Bath,' published by RCS Publishing, explores the complex interplay of emotions and memories.

Now, I'm blending photography skill with words on AI art projects.

Books by Rodolfo Barreto