ODA Otros Dreams en Acción

Mexico City, Mexico

Otros Dreams en Acción is an organization dedicated to mutual support and political action for and by those who grew up in the United States and now find themselves in Mexico due to deportation, the deportation of a family member, or the threat of deportation.
In Spanish “ODA” translates to ode, or a poem meant to be sung. We believe in the power of arts and culture to learn from one another and to tell our stories from the inside out. We believe in our potential as a community to make positive change in the aftermath of deportation and exile. We believe in our right to be from two countries, to belong aquí y allá.

Areas of Expertise

Immigration, Social Justice, Cultural Resistance, Narrative Change, Community Organizing, Deportation, Return Migration, Intersectionality

Books by ODA Otros Dreams en Acción