Skip Staheli


Artist: Skip Staheli

Skip Staheli is a virtual graphic artist, he only excists in a virtual world, called SecondLife. All models in his works are avatars, residents of this virtual world. Of course.. behind every lil doll (avatar) is a very real person, with a very real heart, feelings and emotions... Skip Stahli puts his whole heart and soul in every piece he does. Every work is done with many hours of love, efford and passion..lóts of passion. He started his virtual photostudio in 2008. His tools are Photoshop CS 6, his so loved Bamboo drawing tablet and some plugins, like Lightroom 4, Filterforge and Exposure 5. His work is mostly very soft, emotional and romantic He works hard to make the avatar look as realistic as possible, but without changing them too much, he is well known for his bold portraits, flowing hair, and waving veils, water effects and the emotion people can feel when they look at his work. In the years he developed his own style, and people within SecondLife

Books by Skip Staheli