Rhiannon Hopley

Sydney, Australia

A Sydney based Australian photographic artist. Hopley’s work explores the often-disconnected relationship between nature, the urban landscape and the human condition. She photographs old, historic, abandoned and forgotten locations, documenting the transformation that places take on with the fall of night.
While her work is often absent of a person or figure, there is an emotional human undertone as she tries to convey the deep emotional state of nostalgia and the profound melancholy associated with longing for someone, or something.
The locations and shadowy scenes correlate with our emotional selves, mirroring feelings of isolation, emptiness and sorrow through absence and stillness. Drawing on humanity’s fascination and obsession with apocalyptic theory and mythology, Hopley captures these abandoned urban sites as poetic symbols of a hypothetical post-apocalyptic wilderness. All that remains in these worlds is a vague trace of human existence and a picturesque melancholia.

Books by Rhiannon Hopley