Rebel Hearts LLC

Tucson, AZ

Heather is the owner of Rebel Hearts LLC, Soul Coach, Creator, and an avid journaler and card reader. She began her business after losing her job in the corporate world with COVID. She initially wanted to be a life coach with a spiritual foundation, but found the online world of coaching far too disconnected and flooded with noise. After a lot of soul searching - through journaling and pulling cards - she began to find her place in the world. She began creating various products, such as teas and essential oils, and began coaching people in using oracle and tarot cards in combination with journaling in ways that would enhance their healing journey, all within a local community of authentic hearts. Connection, community, authenticity, and love are core values. Having come from a life of trauma and survival, she seeks to inspire healing in others and encourages the use of cards and journaling as a magical tool to grow, heal, and transform a life of fear into a life of love.

Books by Rebel Hearts LLC