Rum Doodle Studios

Portsmouth, NH

The photography bug bit John Hauschildt at the age of seven (his age, not the bug's). The darkroom bug bit even harder at sixteen. Digital photography and the digital darkroom allowed John to pursue his love of photography and development without taking up dust- and light-free space at home, and without the problems associated with darkroom chemicals - thus fomenting a 30 year old hobby into a passion.

Since 1987, John has run a business technology firm based in New England. In 2000, John created Rum Doodle Studios to provide his multinational clients with product photography, media streaming services, and podcast publishing. Rum Doodle Studios also serves to publish John's personal photography work, some of which is shown in this book.

Areas of Expertise

Inventive photography, video, printing, and technical services for photographers, artists, corporations, and their demanding clients.

Books by Rum Doodle Studios