Sheryl Murphy-Manley

Houston area, TX, USA

I developed a love for color and words early in my life, and romping through the woods in my youth energized my desire for independence and artistic freedom. My love for art and music only grew stronger as I was drawn to the historical side of music, eventually becoming a Professor of Musicology at Sam Houston State University. Along life's journey, I was gifted a supportive, creative, and loving mother who encouraged me in all that I undertook. Her love, and the beautiful support from my family (John S., Zatis, Charlene, Robert, and my child) have offered me joy that cannot be measured or contained. My soul and spirit open with joy to embrace this world's experiences, even in my final illness of advanced breast cancer. May all of you who pass this way find the comfort of God's creation, love, friendship, art, color, and poetry. As I pass the torch of life and love to my child, I tip my hat to all of my family, friends, and students who have allowed me to express my joy.

Books by Sheryl Murphy-Manley