Arisash Music and Arisash Photo

San Francisco, Ca

I am a professional photographer concentrating on photographing People, Landscapes, and Events using natural light. I have created and or designed over 75 Books for clients in the last 2-years. You can find examples of my books on the Blurb website under Thomas Hyman.

I also have expertise in editing and color correcting photographs that someone else shot. A great part of my work, is to take old photographs and color correct, crop, and add life to them.

My philosophy and goals are to work with the client and achieve his or her vision using my experience as a guide. I like to get it right, so until the client is absolutely satisfied i don't get paid. My prices are determined by the scope of the job, but i believe that they are fair and more than reasonable. I have and am willing to expend the time necessary to get the job done.

Areas of Expertise

Creating books for Families, Businesses, Sports teams, Modeling, Landscapes as well as retouching, color correcting, and editing photographs taken by someone other than myself. I can make your book exactly how you vision it.

I am well versed in Photoshop CS6 as well as LIght Room 5.
I use a Nikon D800 camera and have a 27 (inch monitor) I Mac computer. I print on an Epson 3800 and scan on a high end Epson Scanner.

Books by Arisash Music and Arisash Photo