Elisabeth Lindberg


Art of Experience is the name I once gave a sensation so tiny it was scarcely even there. Subsequently I came to see and understand it as a journey using the medium of artworks to navigate existence's multifaceted momentums and manifestations. At first my mind was set on investigating, where I turned the exploring eye inwards to, via the images/stories that turned up on a canvas, in a digital art image, etc, watch the "I" reversing itself for new angles of coming into being, As time went by I stopped investigating but continued with the artworks all the same, now employing these means of expressions as “channels” opening up my eyes to untried paths to make new experiences―to an open, ongoing communication with my soul. Today Art of Experience range from expressionism to impressionism, from surreal abstracts to images of nature displaying its exquisite simplicity, with the core curiously remaining the same all the way―a journey navigating existence, like a light that bids me follow.

Books by Elisabeth Lindberg