Beth Jannery

Northern Virginia

Beth Jannery is author of The Simple Grace Book Series. Her non-fiction books are under the category of motivational, inspirational, spiritual and self-awareness.

Simple Miracles is about life and everyday grace.
Simple Miracles is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
It is about witnessing the simple moments.

Simple Grace - Living a Meaningful Life (Barnes & Noble) inspires readers to figure out their life's work and purpose.

In Simple Grace - Daily Joys the author puts the simple, daily and often-overlooked "little" moments into perspective sharing what is "really" important with readers.

Simple Grace - Awareness, Meditations & Breathing Space captures "the moment" in photography and inspiring quotes. She shows readers how to create breathing space.

Beth Jannery has 20 years communication experience with a masters degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University. She is founder of Jannery Communications.

Books by Beth Jannery