Bruce Finocchio

Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA

Meet Bruce Finocchio

I, Bruce Finocchio, am a wildlife, nature, and scenic photographer. I live in Millbrae, above the San Francisco Airport. I previously for the last nine year worked full-time for Applied Biosystems and Life Technologies as a senior business analysis. I left this position six months ago to concentrate on my true passion of nature photography.

My Dad was a Deer Hunter and bought some property in Monterey County, so he could have a place of his own to go deer hunting. We have own this property since 1946. I grew up spending my summers down there, following in my father's footsteps, hunting quail, dove, and black tailed deer--using a b-b gun, graduating up to a powerful hunting rifle.

When I was eighteen I had to kill a black tailed buck up close shooting him in the neck, since my first shot from a far had only wounded him. I saw death up close and personal, deciding from that moment on I didn't not want to be part of death, but to cherish life instead.

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