Marc Brinkerhoff

New York, NY

Essentially, I’m a self taught artist who has been obsessed
with drawing animals since I was a toddler. Animals and I
communicate easily, especially our domesticated friends.
If I meditate on a particular breed or species, their form and
actions seem to materialize in my mind’s eye like moving film,
which I can then freeze and examine.

Much of my early inspiration came from studying Michelangelo
Buonarroti, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci along with horse
and animal artists like George Stubbs, Edwin Landseer, Sam
Savitt, Ralph Thompson, Wesley Dennis, Rein Poortvielt
and C. W. Anderson. I am inspired by the contemporary greats
such as Greg Beecham, Guy Coheleach and Robert Bateman.

My aim is to capture the noble spirits of all creatures I paint
or draw, and in some way bring their soul voices to the world.

Books by Marc Brinkerhoff