Oahu, Hawaii

SMART 'Ohana is a company dedicated to teaching families to make smart all-natural lifestyle choices. At SMART 'Ohana, we empower families with education and tools that help to introduce all-natural parenting and all-natural living culture and concepts into your family lifestyle – and our goal is to make this learning as simple and easy-to-integrate as possible.

Areas of Expertise

We share with people how to use all natural doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils to care for yourself and your 'ohana's health and everyday needs, we show families how easy it is to make your own wholesome baby food, natural self care products and cleaning solutions and much more. We also provide guidance and education on how cloth diapering is a viable option. All natural ways of living made easy and we’re convinced that when you see and experience for yourself how do

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