What is Credit Card Dump?
Credit card dump is a term used to describe the digital copies of credit card information stolen by criminals. In this article, we will look at the sources of these data, how they're sold, and the uses of this data for fraudulent purposes. Then we'll discuss the ways to protect yourself from this crime.

Term used to describe a digital copy of stolen credit card information
Credit card cloning is a type of online fraud where thieves make an unauthorized copy of a person's credit card information and use it to make purchases. This is often done by using a small electronic device, called a skimmer, and often takes place in places where a person's credit or debit card is not readily visible. This type of crime also occurs by purchasing gift cards or prepaid cards and selling them to other people. Cloned credit card information can be very lucrative for criminals, so be vigilant about your accounts and make sure that your information is protected.

Areas of Expertise

Sources of data
The Credit Card Dump is a collection of stolen credit cards that cybercriminals use to commit financial fraud. The data is gathered from a number of sources. It is usually available on a dark web carding market known as BidenCash. BidenCash's operators have not yet revealed the source of this dump, but the number of credit cards it contains is staggering.

Professional Affiliations

One of the largest collections of stolen payment card details was posted on the dark web by cyber-criminals last month. This collection contained the personal information of 106 million people, including customers and applicants for credit cards. It includes highly personal details about consumers and small businesses. The data was stolen between 2005 and early 2019 and represents the second-largest data dump of all time.