Redington Beach, FL

Place bucket with sand by child's bedside, like the tooth fairy, lollipops and other things grow in the pot overnight! A Magical Interactive Bedtime Story for Birthdays, Holidays & Any Special Occasion!
Kimberly Ann Hughes & Clarissa Dane Hughes are sisters-in-law, started with brainstorm meetings in 2009 to choose an idea to hone and develop. That idea was The Magic Lollipop Garden, Kim's old family tradition she had done with her daughter and also given as a gift to Clarissa's daughter on her 3rd birthday. Working hard, testing the book with friends and family and strangers, KC was finally completed the full concept which went from the name KC's Magic Garden(R) (c) 2009 revised (c) 2019 Pat. Pend.

We are thrilled every time we hear a joyful story from a child or parent, so please share! We hope this book will bring much happiness & many precious memories to your family.

Parental Participation required.

Areas of Expertise

Kids, magic, creative ideas, crafts, stories, illustration, photography and a love of the arts and magic ;)

A Magical Interactive Bedtime Story for Birthdays, Holidays and Any Special Occasion! Promotes Family Time, Reading, Magic and Memories, and also good behavior and even brushing teeth!

Professional Affiliations

Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Leprechaun, etc.