Mike Leaman

Northern ireland

I cooked food for forty years and still do in my dreams, but enough is enough and I somehow drifted into retail. It was mindless, tiring, poorly paid dross and if it were not for some lovely people I've worked with could lead to serious depression but I've even escaped that now and live my free days in Ireland
I now ride the motorbike on good days, love bikes, dream about bikes and in-between that have indulged in PC's, games, on-line gaming, writing and photography and I realised I had to capture my family of friends in the Vulcan Riders Association, finally finished the book along with a big travelogue book of our California trip a few years back and the latest is "The Don't Cook, Look Book"
Here's me, churning out books with no interest from publishers.
Its all meant to be.
I still love cooking, colours, music, people, photography, bikes, but most of all the unbelievable fact that I can see, feel, hear, touch, smell and am a relatively healthy seventies aged survivor. Relatively!

Books by Mike Leaman