Glen Anderson

Chino Hills, CA

I grew up on Potsdam, New York and I have played music professionally since the mid 1960's and have been fortunate enough to tour all over the USA and UK before settling in California in the 1970's to start a family. I attended a number of famous rock & roll shows like the first Woodstock, played on stage with John Lee Hooker and Mitch Ryder. I was front row for Jimmy Page with the Yardbirds in 1967 before Led Zepplin, and attended the first CREAM shows at the Cafe A Go Go. I lived the life of a professional musician, and was blessed to attend some of the greatest rock & roll shows of the what I consider the Golden Age of Rock & Roll. Some of these articles were originally published in Vintage Guitar Magazine under my Classic Performances column. I know you will enjoy these recollections of mine and the great photos of these great artists in their prime. Thank you - Glen Anderson

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