Curtis Krueger

Wilmington, NC USA

I approach my work much as a painter, using light, exposure and composition in place of paint. I am influenced by the works of Andrew Wyeth, Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe.

Some of the earliest memories I have are of my father and me drawing at the dining room table. I was told our television broke down when I was in kindergarten and my parents, although they could afford to repair it decided not to. I place much of my current fascination with the art-world with their encouragement and direct participation. The lack of television as entertainment is another.

I studied art at Eastern Michigan University, earning a BFA, along with two teaching certificates. Both my parents were teachers, so this seemed an honorable profession to fall back on. The reality of making a living selling my artwork, seemed a bit pie-in-the-sky, yet youthful arrogance coupled with determination is a great asset.
Wanderlust: I inherited this disease from my parents. We always traveled in the summer.

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