David Killeen

Dublin, Ireland


Born in Dublin in 1984, David began photography whilst in secondary school under the encouragement of his art teacher. After leaving school he continued his artistic endeavors in Colaiste Dhuilagh. The following year he was accepted into the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork City. In 2008 he completed his Honors Degree in Fine Art. In the same year he obtained his first solo show, titled Sunday to Sunday, in Cork City. In Autumn of the same year he continued his studies by undertaking a Masters in Photography and Urban Culture at Goldsmiths University of London.

He created a number of series of work focusing on memory, journey and environment. Many of his series include Alpine region in central Europe to aerial photography of Southern Florida. He has had several exhibitions in the past and has presented a number of lectures of his work in Britain, Ireland and South America.

At this moment David lives between London and Dublin.

Books by David Killeen