Drew Coleman Media Haus

Portland, Oregon

Based out of Portland, Oregon I am a content creator who specializes in action and sports photography and cinematography for brands, athletes, events, and teams. In the past year I travelled all over North American and 18 states to shoot for clients. In addition to action sports work, I am also do a great deal of portrait and product photography. While I have been a part of multiple film crews, large-scale production is not my forte. Rather, I prefer small, intimate run and gun filmmaking and natural light photography. Additional I also teach film and photography as well as English at the college level.

Areas of Expertise

Photography and Cinematography. That being said, I also enjoy editing and sound design and am capable in pretty much all phases of production. I have been a part of multiple film crews. I have worked with many top brands and athletes in the cycling world which is really in my zone of expertise but the principles of photography apply in all fields.

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