Ric Flauding

Arlington, Texas, USA

With a career that began young, Ric Flauding’s music has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Billboard Magazine and with the London and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestras.
As a high school senior in southern California, Ric's music prowess helped open the doors to LA's competitive recording industry and through study with many well-known composer-arrangers Ric was soon well on his way as a working composer.
Voted Best Online Jazz Artist by CMAP Music International, Ric is the "consummate musician's musician...Filled with passionate emotion this artist will carry you on musical journey after journey on the wings of some of the most beautiful melodies you will ever hear."
Ric is also an educator having taught composition, theory and related subjects at a number of universities and internationally online.
In the church world Ric has worked for many well known churches.

Books by Ric Flauding