Esther Antohin

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Born and raised in Ethiopia. Member of the Ethiopian Royal family. Early education in an English boarding school. Escaped from Ethiopia in 1977 and immigrated to the United States the same year. Undergraduate Studies at New York University. Married to Anatoly Antohin in 1984. Mother of a daughter and a son. Moved to Fairbanks Alaska in 1989. Obtained a master degree in cultural anthropology in 2005. Published first book 'Ethiopians & Rastafari' in 2007. The author frequently travels to Ethiopia for research. In addition to her current book 'Astewatso', her third book which is based on life histories of Ethiopians during the military dictatorship (1974 - 1991) is due out in the fall 2009.

Books by Esther Antohin