Esther Fairfax

Hungerford, Berkshire

I was born in to a chaotic life. 1934. Germany had started being an unhealthy place for Jewish people. We left in 1938 and made England our home.
Lotte Berk was born a rebel and stayed one all her life. Both my parents were very creative. Both were dancers. They had a very different morality to the average Briton. A bohemian and artistic lifestyle was our norm.
After retiring mother devised her revolutionary exercise technique, becoming world famous, attracting stars and celebrities. Having trained with her I opened my own studio in Berkshire. Mother's exercises have always been tough yet fun. I also had three books published and two ten week exercise series on Woman's Hour thanks to the popularity of mother's exercise technique. She had an extraordinary & charismatic personality but wasn't so easy to live with.
My sons persuaded me to write my memoir, 'My Improper Mother and Me' which was published in 2010. The icing on the cake was that Jenni Murray interviewed me on Woman Hour.