Georgetta Gancarz


Georgetta graduated from the School of Visual Arts and Fordham University with degrees in Science, Education and Fine Arts. She is a professional artist, professor, author and international travel guide. She is the founder and director of the ART - POLI Painting On Location International® program with art and humanities classes, offered in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America. She currently teaches art in Seattle and Europe. Her paintings have been exhibited worldwide and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; She is internationally represented by the Saatchi Gallery, other collections are in the Muse Foundation in NYC and museums. Her works are on file at The Women Museum of Arts. Her Renaissance style paintings are in Basilicas in Italy. Her books are in libraries throughout the USA and Europe. To date, Georgetta is writing her 21st book. She just released her own line of artists paints.

Books by Georgetta Gancarz