Melinda Graper & Mia Kali Thea


Μια καλή θέα: Mia Kali Thea (ME-ah Kah-LEE THAY-uh) means "A Good View" in Greek.

Melinda Graper founded Mia Kali Thea, a US-based non-profit organization--where photography & philanthropy intersect. When you buy books or prints, Mia Kali Thea donates 100% of proceeds to service organizations working to rescue and restore people who are exploited and trafficked. This is why we are "A Good View for a Good Cause." Everyone needs a good view!

All photographs for the organization are created by Melinda who loves to travel and find good views around the world. Originally from the United States, she is currently enjoying the ex-pat life in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her husband.

Books by Melinda Graper & Mia Kali Thea