George Szekely

Lexington, KY

For thirty-five years, George Szekely has been a pioneer in developing creative changes and methodologies for art teaching. His work has been formulated in books, journals, unique performance-style keynote presentations, and teaching demonstrations through his nationally initiated Adopt-a-School projects. He was among the first art educators to emphasize the importance of children’s play in art making and to advocate the study of children’s home art as the foundation for school art practice.
Szekely has been elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Art Education Association. He is an Emanual Barkan Prize-winning author, and a Victor Lowenfeld Award recipient for his lifetime achievement in art education. A former Vice President of the National Art Education Association, he was named A National Treasure by student chapters of the NAEA. He has published over a hundred-fifty article in major journals of education, and has been a contributor to art education pr

Books by George Szekely