henry holden


Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. Mr. Henry F. Holden is a mentor, and a successful entrepreneur. Holden earned an Associate Bachelor in Business from Coastal College in 1987. Following graduation, he took a job in television at a local TV station and quickly became a force for quality programming. He won several awards for his original programs and best remembered for shows like BET‘s “The Bobby Jones Gospel”, “WWL’s NewsWatch” that can be seen on a New Orleans cable station Ch.15 and the urban hit show “Positive Black Talk". In 1997, he attended Tulane University College where he pursued his political science interest. In 1992 he co-founded Take Fo‘ records, an independent record label which specializes in Bounce Music and has produced over 45 CD releases. DJ Jubilee is perhaps its best known artist, but the label has also released music by Choppa and Baby Boy Da Prince, with world wide distributions through Universal Music Group respectively.

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