Carolyn Chatham

San Antonio, Texas

Carolyn Chatham is a literature instructor, social worker, feminist activist. A San Antonio Tricentennial poet, her work is published in The Texas Poetry Calendar, the AIPF Di-verse’-city Anthology, the San Antonio Express News, Voices de la Luna, The Enigmatist, Blue Hole, South and West Quarterly, San Antonio Tricentennial Anthology, Rising Rains Anthology, and in her book "Those Bones that Float About."
Social justice, gender inequality, gun violence, and the environment are common themes. Many of the poems in this collection are Resistance poems.
Visit her blog at wisewomanpress.net. She serves on the board of "Voices de la Luna," a literature and arts quarterly and is active in San Antonio Sun Poet Society.

Watch for her book of short fiction: "I Stole the King's Horse to Get Here." The protagonists are selkies, sirens, crows, crones, shapeshifters, memory changers. Determined women who will get where they need to be even if they have to steal the King's horse to get there.

Books by Carolyn Chatham