Jan van Huijksloot

Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

I was born on the 23th Oktober 1935 in Amsterdam. As a child I was already very interested in streetcars and public railways. When I was 25 years old I started to photograph these subjects. In daily life a had a lot of professions. The last 20 years before my retirement I was active as a teacher at an institute of moral education. In 2000 I published my first book, about the 'blue' tramcars of Amsterdam. Since then three other books followed, about the Amsterdam three-axle cars, the Rotterdam tram system and the 40th anniversary of the Rotterdam metro. In 2007 I discovered Blurb. Yet I can also publish less selling titles, for instance the this year finished book about the Amsterdam Union tramcars. I am not only interested in public transport. Under a pen name I also publish poems, columns, essays and short stories.

Books by Jan van Huijksloot