Ineke Verheul

Utrecht, the Netherlands

For a great part of my life I've been playing games; mostly adventures, but for the last couple of years I've been hooked on World of Warcraft, like all those other millions of gamers. Since it turned out to be very hard to explain to people who never play games what's so fascinating about a game like this, I decided my next novel should be about this fascinating world next to the one we all know.
The book is in Dutch - as the title suggests :) Other books I wrote are The tenth life of Jim Morisson, a biography in fiction form (in English), Malice, a Dutch novel and a children's book on Joan of Arc. 'De strijd van Jeanne d'Arc'.
The work I'm doing now is the perfect combination of work and hobby: advise and research on games in education.
Apart from writing and gaming I love to spend my spare time on singing, preferably jazz.

Books by Ineke Verheul