Jerry Dalrymple


Yep, I’m a baby boomer; born and raised near Cincinnati, Ohio. I hale from middle class America, a true, blue collar family, son of a carpenter and stay-at-home mom. My parents, both gone now, came from rather poor families, and grew-up during the Great Depression both reaching adulthood just in time to do their part in World War II.

We didn’t have much when I was growing up, but hey, not many people did. As small boys tend to do, I loved playing in the woods and bringing home every manner of “creepy crawler” (as my mom called ‘em) I could lay my hands on. If it wiggled, crawled, flew, or swam across the face of the earth, I likely had one as a child. Surely, it was my mother’s reluctant acceptance of her son’s curiosity that cultivated my interest and love of nature. Through the years, I have carried this fascination and love of nature with me into manhood and outside of my family, it is still my biggest source of strength and enjoyment in life.

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