Jefferson S Davis

South Carolina, USA

I am a film photographer from the Southern, US. I am going blind and want to sell as many magazines and books as possible to get my work out there and to help support my love of film. If you had two years before you went blind, wouldn't you want to photograph the world around you as much as possible? I do!

Film has been a part of my life, since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have been shooting for well over thirty years. I shoot, develop, and print my own work. It is my hope that people will enjoy my perspective and appreciate my work.

I have been blind in one eye since birth, but now my working eye is going blind. There is no cure, but I have been blessed to see for almost fifty-two years. By all scientific accounts, I should have been blind long ago. I am grateful to God every day and thank him for every sunrise and sunset I get to see.

Photo credits go to my wife, Deana Mae Davis

Books by Jefferson S Davis