Jeffery C. Johnson : Photographer


Jeffery C. Johnson is a 3rd generation photographer who has exhibited his work throughout Chicago and its suburbs, has had work published in many publications both in print and online, and has been selling his work in stores around the city to people from all over the world.

Areas of Expertise

Quotes concerning the work of Jeffery C. Johnson:

* "Jeffery C. Johnson was born with photography in his blood."- WGN-TV News Chicago, 2012
* "Jeffery C. Johnson is a photographer that does amazing work." -John Williams, WGN Radio Chicago, 2013
* "We love Jeffery's work!"- College Art Assoc., NYC, 2013
* "Jeffery C. Johnson captures evocative images of the city."- Suburban Life Newspapers, 2012
* "Jeff's a very talented photographer"- Trevor Powers, Youth Lagoon, 2015

Books by Jeffery C. Johnson : Photographer